3 walks from the Front Door!

There are so many wonderful walks local to Driftwood Stays holiday cottages, either on the beach or in the South Downs but for now here are 3 walks that you can do right from your door!

Head to the beach and turn right. If it’s low tide you can walk along the beach or if the tide is up, you can follow the greensward, which starts just past the red boat and goes all the way along to Littlehampton seafront.  Howie’s Coffee Co is a great refreshment stop – check his social media to see if he’s open.  This is about 4 miles in total.  If you want to walk a bit further, you could head onto Littlehampton river – this would be about 6 miles there and back.  Lunch at The Beach? Right on the beach – there is no better view in summer!  If you’re really up for an adventure – turn right when you hit the river, follow it along until you get to the red pedestrian bridge then cross over to the other side, turn left and head over to West Beach and the sand dunes!  It’s gorgeous over there and relatively quiet! 

Walk No 1

the red boat at East Preston beach

Walk No 2

England Coast Path through East Preston

Head to the beach and turn left! Again at low tide you can just walk along the beach – all the way to Worthing Pier if you fancy a proper hike!(10 miles round trip). The Perch on the Pier is worth the walk – such a fantastic location on the end of the pier – and its dog friendly!  If the tide is high, follow the greensward, it starts just past the East Preston beach huts and there are now signs for the English Coast Path too.  This is also a great option for checking out the luxury mansions on Coastal Road -now reputed to be the most expensive road in Sussex according to our local estate agent!  For a shorter walk – about a mile each way – walk to the Bluebird Café at Ferring, dog friendly and right on the beach. 

If you want a mix of sea and countryside – start off as per walk no. 2 and head along the greensward to your left. Once you get to the carpark at the Bluebird café, you can turn inland and walk up either side of the Rife (a stream). When you get to where the pedestrian bridge is – turn left and head along the track with fields either side of you.  At the end you will go round a bend to the right and it becomes a gravel road with various houses dotted along it (this is the back of Kingston Gorse). Continue until you get to the road.  You can turn left here, heading into the Kingston Gorse estate.  Follow the road til you can see the sea and on your right you will see a gate turning into Coastal Road and the West Kingston estate. Continue until the mini roundabout, take the second exit into Golden Acre and you will come to a gate that brings you back into our estate (Angmering on Sea). Driftwood Haven will be in front of you and Driftwood Corner will be to your left.

Walk no 3

dog walks along the rife East Preston

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