Sustainable Holiday Accommodation

Here at Driftwood Stays, we are fully committed to providing sustainable holiday accommodation and continually improving  our business practices, as well as allowing our guests to be as sustainable as they can be, whilst on holiday.  There is no need for your “green” ideals to go out the window, just because you are away from home.

sustonica sustainable holiday accommodation accreditation

Sustonica Accreditation

Both our beach holiday homes have satisfied Sustonica that they meet enough of their sustainable criteria to be eligible for certification as sustainable holiday accommodation. In order to get the certificate, you have to demonstrate you are using sustainable practices in many different areas such as having low energy light bulbs, double glazed windows, a well insulated property, dual flush toilets, lo flow shower valves, energy efficient appliances, providing eco friendly toiletries and using eco friendly cleaning products amongst a whole host of other things.

Supporting Local Business

We try our hardest to support local businesses, using local suppliers wherever we can, promoting local artists by displaying their work in the houses  and telling our guests about local businesses in our house digital guides.

local artists artwork
Sparkles food parcels Angmering

Food Waste

We provide recycling bins and clear instructions to our guests as well as a compost bin for food waste. For unwanted food items, or where our guests might be flying and cannot take unused food home we provide a crate for guests to leave anything they don’t want to take in and we take this to our local food bank Sparkles who helps families in need in our area.

Guest Toiletries 

All our guest toiletries  are eco friendly and come in refillable, 100% recycled plastic bottles.  Paper products such as toilet roll and kitchen roll are eco friendly and you may often find a half-used roll upon arrival, which is on purpose so we cut down on waste.  Guests are supplied with eco friendly dishwasher tablets and non-bio eco friendly washing tablets.

Our pillows and duvets are anti-allergy.  All bedding and towels are 100% cotton. 

bright earth refillable toiletries
carbon footprint offset certificate Driftwood Stays

Carbon Offsetting

Whilst we are constantly working on reducing our carbon footprint, we recognise that we cannot run our business without producing some carbon dioxide, so we calculate our footprint every year and plant trees to offset it. You can help us to reduce our impact as our single biggest contributor is heat, light and power in the houses.  Remembering to turn the lights off when a room is not in use, or making sure all windows and doors are shut when you go out. Using the clothes airer or the washing line, instead of the dryer are some easy ways that you can help us to reduce our impact on the planet.