The rise of the “Workation”

The rise of the workation since Covid, is well documented on the internet.  A survey carried out by Compare the Market earlier this year showed that 1 in 3 office workers planned to take a workation in the next 12 months.

In the past couple of months, we can attest to this as many of our guests have been combining work with some downtime when they come and stay.  A favourite is to come for a week and then work Monday to Thursday and take the long weekend off.  Or it may be that only a couple of the family members need to work while the rest go play and our houses work great for this too.

With plenty of space to shut yourself off from the rest of the family whilst you take a zoom call it’s very possible to combine work with pleasure  and take a workation at Driftwood Stays!

In the master bedroom in Driftwood Corner there is a desk and chair that has plenty of space for a laptop.  With fibre optic broadband now installed, wifi speeds are up to 300mb making conference calls and attending Zoom meetings very easy. Uploading or downloading large documents is quick.

workation |work from home | laptop friendly space

Then when it’s time for a coffee break you can relax in the garden in the hanging chair perhaps, or wander up to the village to stretch the legs and get the full barista experience at one of the local cafes.  Takeouts are available .

You can make the most of lunchtime with a stroll along the beach or even a swim?  After all – it’s literally a few minutes away so you can maximise your lunch break. How about a nice evening walk along the beach after work? There is surely nothing more relaxing after a day at your desk.

workation by the sea | sunset walks along the beach after work

Our new property for couples – Little Driftwood, will be available from October 2023 and this has a separate office upstairs.   A desk for working, with fast broadband, set this little house up perfectly for working from home.  

In fact we think this secret hideaway could be perfect for someone looking for a longer stay.  Someone who is flexible in their work say, as it is so well equipped having been our home for the past two and a half years.  You may never want to leave!

Fun fact:  Since we started Driftwood Stays in May 2021 at least three (that we know of) former guests have bought or are buying properties in East Preston!  Not quite the business plan we had in mind … but the local estate agents love us!

We are well connected as you can get a train into London easily, Gatwick is 45 mins away by car and whilst we are in a quiet village by the sea – once you hop over the train crossing, all the amenities you need are nearby.  

We are full now for summer but have some availability in September and good availability in October and for the rest of the year.  Autumn is a great time to be by the beach as it’s quieter than summer but the colours are wonderful and the sunsets are possibly the best!  

You could plan a long weekend in the Autumn? Come down Thursday night, work Friday (enjoying lunch on the beach) and then you’ll save yourself the Friday night drive and  will already be here to make the most of your evening at The Seaview or Tudor Tavern in the village. We have also introduced a discount now on a 4th night (5th etc) so the longer you stay the better the price.  So you could make it a really good value 4 night stay and head back to work Monday morning?!

Check availability for Driftwood Corner our family holiday cottage, or for Little Driftwood, work on the basis it will be available from mid October and if you want to be kept up to date or to provisionally book send us an email.


If you would like to find out more about our family friendly self catering holiday cottages check out Driftwood Stays.